How To Wear Thigh Boots (without looking too sexy)

Thigh boots are sexy by nature and a lot of women are afraid to rock them because of that.

I’ve got news for ya … there is a way to tone down the sexy while rocking a pair of thigh high boots.

Tip #1- Skip the super revealing clothing. Even though I’m wearing a mini skirt (a sexier piece), for the  most part I am very covered up. I balanced the sexy bottom half of my look with a sweatshirt – you could easily do the same with a sweatshirt, a crewneck tee, or a high-neck blouse.

Tip #2- Keep your attitude playful. Sexiness isn’t all clothes and body – your attitude plays a key role. If you want to tone things down, take on a playful persona that day.

Tip #3- When in doubt, rock them with pants! Thigh boots look great over skinny jeans and leather leggings. If you aren’t ready to sport a skirt or a dress, just go with pants.

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