Are You Ready For A Style Awakening?

Whether you consider yourself a stylish person or a person who struggles with style, we all have room for what I like to call a “Style Awakening.”

Like it or not, style is important and there comes a time (or ten) in every woman’s life where we are reminded of that fact.

That reminder could come through an insult, or a moment of feeling very uncomfortable in our clothing. You know what they say, with great pain comes growth.

But what if you could manufacture such an awakening without the pain of a dressing room meltdown or feeling under-dressed at an important event?

All of my style awakenings have been quite rude, so I set out to create an experience where women could safely and comfortably “awaken” and change their style for the better.

With that being said, I am happy to announce that my FREE 10-Day Style Awakening Challenge is here and I’d love for you to join!

What’s included:

  • A 10-Day Style Awakening Challenge workbook.
  • Membership to the private Style Awakening Facebook group.
  • Encouraging and educational emails from me (not a drop of junk) + a special surprise!

By the end of this challenge you will:

  • Finally have some clarity around your sense of style and what’s hanging in your closet.
  • Walk away with some power relationships with the other women inside the group and with me!
  • Learn a ton! I will be popping into the group daily for live lessons and feedback on your daily challenges.

Are you ready to join? The challenge officially starts March 26th, so snag your spot now.

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