Anti-Style Type: Athleisure Ashley

Give someone an inch, and they’ll take a mile … That is exactly how I feel about athleisure!

If you aren’t familiar with the term “athleisure,” let me enlighten you.

Athleisure first sprung onto the fashion scene in 2014 (according to Vogue), but it really started to pick up speed in 2016. The original aesthetic was blending streetwear with athletic wear. For example, a sporty (yet stylish) pair of sneakers, leggings *shudders*, a hoodie, and a leather jacket layered on top – add some chic sunglasses + a designer bag, and you’re really cooking with grease.

But then people decided to take this trend a little too far.

How so?

By straight up wearing their raggedy exercise clothes ALL THE TIME.

Are you ready to meet Athleisure Ashley?


Athleisure Ashley loves to be comfortable, and she loves to be sporty, but we’re all a little unclear if she actually works out. Ashley has heard so much about this “athleisure” business, but she never actually took the time to find out what it is. She figured it must mean wearing exercise clothes all day every day. Right? Wrong.

What’s really going on?

There are a few different options here on what’s going on. It depends on Athleisure Ashley’s demographic. If she’s in a more affluent area, there is a good chance she is rocking this type of attire as a status symbol. I read a fascinating article about wealthy moms at the bus stop. Rocking your workout clothes all day tells the world, I don’t need to work. I can do Pilates, eat brunch, and shop all day without worry. She looks down on the working mother who needs to work to put her kid through private school.

Alternatively, if Ashley isn’t rolling down the street in her Range Rover, she is either a.) lazy or b.) is uncomfortable with her body. Leggings pretty much fit no matter what. Leggings don’t care that you’ve gained 10lbs. Leggings are there for you through thick and thin. Plus workout clothes do a hell of a job of sucking things in and lifting things up.

What’s a girl to do?

Put on some real clothes and face facts! Stop hiding. Whether it was hiding behind this image, you’ve created for yourself to make others feel small, or it’s hiding from the truth about your body. I’ve hidden behind stretchy clothes because I wasn’t ready to accept the fact that I had gained weight. Once you face the beast head on you can do whats necessary to change because that’s what we all want – change.

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