Anti-Style Type: XXXL Tammy

Weight gain sucks. Feeling uncomfortable with your body sucks. But do you want to know what sucks even more? Hiding behind baggy clothes!

There are so many women in the world who are hiding behind their clothing. It’s like throwing a big sheet over a pile of furniture (I’m going somewhere with this analogy I swear). Sure we can’t see the furniture, but we still know its there. In fact, the pile looks even bigger thanks to the sheet – you can’t make out the exact shape of the furniture so it looks like a giant blob instead.

You are doing the same thing with your body when you dress it up in oversized attire.

Does this mean you should be wearing things that are skin tight instead? No. But I do want you to embrace the natural curves of your body.

Meet XXXL Tammy. Don’t let the name fool ya, XXXL Tammy has nothing to do with the size of her body and everything to do with the size of her clothes – big difference.


XXXL Tammy swears that bigger the better. “The bigger the clothes, the smaller I look,” she says. The problem is Tammy couldn’t be more wrong because she looks 2x bigger. Tammy doesn’t know that fit is everything when it comes to style.

What’s really going on?

Tammy is hiding. Tammy is that kid who is playing “hide and seek” except they suck at hiding. We can all see her, and we wish she’d just stop playing this game. XXXL Tammy doesn’t feel 100% comfortable with her body. Her middle might have a little pooch, her thighs a little thunder and instead of figuring out how to dress her flaws, she covers them in heaps of fabric. Tammy has gotten so used to hiding and covering up that she forgot what her real body looks like.

What’s a girl to do?

Go try on clothing that fits and look in the mirror. Then say this: I am a size ___ enter your ideal size (not the size you are or think you are). Let that settle in. Get in that “I am” space and you will be. I also want you to see your body as a whole instead of picking apart your little flaws. No one sees those flaws but you. Admire your overall shape. Then watch my body type videos and learn how to dress without hiding. You’ve got this!!

Want to learn more? Check out today’s video.  

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