Anti-Style Type: Street Walkin’ Sally

I’ll be first to admit that I lean more towards the modest side when it comes to style. When I do sexy, it’s subtle sexy all the way. No shade to my more sultry style types out there – when sexier styles are done right, it’s quite powerful.

What I do have a hard time with, is overtly sexy.

There are some who give credit to “confidence” for the ability to “put it all out there” with super sexy attire.

I call bullshit.

There are a ton of study that proves self-sexual objectification stems from a lack of confidence, and the negative consequences attached to this type of attire can affect your mental health, intellectual performance, and your overall well-being.

Yeah, that’s right, I actually study this shit.

This leads me to our final Anti-Style Type of the series … Street Walkin’ Sally!


Street Walkin’ Sally is basically walking sex. You see her, and you can’t help but make assumptions. We know it’s wrong, we know it’s bad, but we’re all thinking it: daddy issues, promiscuous … you get the drift. We can pretend we don’t think those things, but it’s typically our first impression of Sally.

Why does Sally dress this way? Is because she’s sexy and she knows it, or could something else be going on? Find out in today’s video!

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