Anti-Style Type: Like-Me-For-Me Mary

People are judging you based on your appearance.

I’ve said variations of that phrase about a million and a half times over the course of my career, and every time I say it someone gets pissed off.

I’m not saying it’s right. I’m not saying that it’s fair. What I am saying is it’s true.

But when it “clicks” and you understand the truth, there is power in that. You can change the narrative with the switch of a shoe or the changing of a blouse. How amazing is that?!

Some of us will get it, some of us won’t. The ones that don’t are what I like to call “Like-Me-For-Me Mary.”

Yep, it’s time to meet our latest Anti-Style Type.


Like-Me-For-Me Mary is above this whole “fashion” thing. She wears whatever she wants (no matter how tattered, ugly, off-putting, or inappropriate it is) and expects you to embrace her regardless! She wants no part of the appearance game, yet wonders why she isn’t where she wants to be in her life.

Not gonna lie, this Anti-Style Type is a doozy. It hits a sore spot with people who are unwilling or unready to change. Watch if you dare and comment if you can relate.

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