Anti-Style Type: Label Loving Leslie

There is a fine line between “buying the best quality you can afford” and straight up style snobbery – the latter isn’t cute. At all.

Purchasing quality clothing that works in tandem with your budget is a good thing, scratch that, a great thing. The higher the quality, the better the fit and feel. Notice I said “quality” and not “price.”

High price tags and designer labels don’t always equate to quality, and it certainly doesn’t guarantee style.

It’s a shame that everyone didn’t get that memo. When high-end clothing is overdone and isn’t styled correctly, the result can be catastrophic.

It’s time to meet our next Anti-Style Type, Label Loving Leslie.


Label Loving Leslie loves her some labels and wants everyone to know about it. Leslie will slap any old things on as long as it’s got a label. Double points if it’s covered in logos or the brands signature print.
Leslie loves to wear whatever is high end to her. For some Label Loving Leslie’s, it could be Louboutins, Chanel, Gucci, or Prada. For others, it could be Michael Kors, Calvin Klein (the non-runway versions), Kate Spade. Whatever makes her feel like “she’s made it” will do.

What’s really going on?

Label Loving Leslie wants validation, pure and simple. She has tricked herself into thinking she likes the finer things in life, but she’s looking for that quick dopamine hit. In the age of easy validation (hello, social media) we get a quick and easy high from a strangers approval. This type of outside validation allows people to approve of us without learning a thing about our insides.

When we are overly focused on labels, we quickly turn up our at things that are “beneath” us. It’s not a good look visually or energetically. Plus getting too caught up in labels often results in some ugly ass purchases.

What’s a girl to do?

Try some that aren’t your version of high end. It could be fast fashion (in moderation), an indie label, something you found on Etsy or vintage. Bring yourself down to earth in some “normal people” clothes. Mix high and low; this will put your true sense of style to the test. If I only wore labels, I would never learn the magic of Target jeans or sweaters from H&M (my go-to for sweaters).

Learn more about Leslie in today’s video.

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