Anti-Style Type: Alpha Amy

When it comes to getting dressed for work, men have it SO much easier!! Think about it. Men pretty much have three options when it comes to work attire:

1.) Suit and tie
2.) Khakis and a polo
3.) Button down shirt and nice jeans

That’s it!

In fact, their office environment chooses for them!! So really they don’t have to agonize over their wardrobes the way we do as women.

We first have to decide what to wear to work (too many combinations to list here), and then we have to decide if the outfit is too “distracting.”

Are we drawing too much attention to ourselves and our bodies? We want to express ourselves, but we also want to be taken seriously.

All of these swirling thoughts and decisions can be frustrating. So frustrating that some women throw in the towel and decide to dress like one of the guys instead.

Let’s meet Alpha Amy.


Alpha Amy is a boss. She’s smart, she’s driven, she’s hard-working, and truth be told, she doesn’t need a man. Alpha Amy gets shit done. She has been stepped on and talked down to, but she gets back up stronger and more resilient. She’s learned how the game is played in this “man’s world.” Her wardrobe choices are deliberate, calculated, and unfortunately cold.

In today’s video, I’m breaking down Alpha Amy and offering some simple solutions to bring a little more pleasure into your work wardrobe.

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