Anti-Style Type: Dated Debbie

When it comes to style, there are examples to follow (I call these Style Types) and there are examples to avoid (Anti-Style Types).

Over the next few posts I’ll be covering the Anti-Style Types. The styles we need to avoid like the plague. These Anti-Style types go far beyond “wear this vs. don’t wear this”, they are a style state of mind that needs to be corrected.

The first Anti-Style Type is Dated Debbie.


Who is Dated Debbie? Debbie hasn’t gone shopping in years! I’m not talking a year or two; I’m talking damn near a decade. Life took over (career, family, you know how it goes) and Debbie just stopped shopping.

You’ll find her in dated silhouettes, colors, and fabrics. Dated Debbie is in that iffy period between what’s current and what’s about to become vintage/ “cool” again. The thing is, by the time a trend comes back around you’re usually too old to wear it. A dear friend of mine once told me, when it comes to trends you don’t get to wear them twice in a lifetime. I’m not sure I 100% buy into that but it’s worth noting.

So what’s REALLY going on with our friend Dated Debbie?

With all of the Anti-Style Types, the clothes are merely a symptom of a larger issue. The issue is that Debbie is putting herself last. The husband, the kids, the career, the renovations on the house, the vacation, all come before Debbie. When you put yourself last on the list, time seems to speed up around you. One day you look up and realize you’ve been living in a style time capsule. It’s time for Debbie put herself first! She can start with her wardrobe.

How do the Dated Debbie’s of the world correct this?

Date Debbie needs to get selfish! Seriously, if you are a DD, I challenge you to put yourself first for one week just to see how it feels. At first, it may feel funky but once you settle in you’ll realize when you show up for yourself you show up for others better.

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