Anti-Style Type: Boring Betty

Are we having fun with this Anti-Style Type series or what?! I certainly am.

I am pleasantly surprised to see so many “style awakenings” occurring as the result of this series – and we’re only two videos deep!

Uncovering the root of our fashion missteps is the first step towards making a positive change that touches every area of our life. Finding the humor in it all softens the blow. Trust me; I’ve made some MAJOR fashion blunders in my life. If I couldn’t laugh about it, I would have thrown in the towel long ago. Heck, I may have ended up just like our next Anti-Style Type, Boring Betty.


Boring Betty is the human equivalent of watching paint dry. On the outside, the girl is a walking snoozefest, but on the inside she’s great! The only issue is you’ll probably never find out because who wants to approach the human version of paint drying?

You’ll find Boring Betty wearing the most basics of the basics; plain tees, jeans, the more boring shoes on earth (think Keds). Her clothing lacks interesting cuts and silhouettes. Jewelry? She’s never heard of it – unless of course, it’s her wedding band or that simple necklace she never takes off.

So what’s really going on?

Our dear friend Betty is afraid to take a risk because god forbid she might fail. Boring Betty is shy and doesn’t want to be judged. It’s safer in Boring Betty land. No one will approach or make any sudden moves.

The problem is, Betty has a dynamic personality that is dying to come out. She wonders why her life feels a little bit lonely. Her boring exterior is a wall keeping people out, and it’s also keeping Betty trapped inside a persona that isn’t hers.

What’s a girl to do?

Betty needs to take a fashion risk, a big one – a risk so big that it might blow up in her face. Why? Once you get a taste of what “failure” feels like you, you’ll soon realize it’s not bad. So you wore a necklace, and it looked stupid. So what? Tomorrow is another day. Leap out of that comfort zone and let your personality shine through your wardrobe.


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