To The People Who Say Body Type Doesn’t Matter

I was reading a personal style book a short time ago, and the author was crapping all over the idea of dressing for your body type. She thought it was just plain ridiculous.

I completely disagree with her, but I could still see where she was coming from.

The controversy comes from people looking at body type dressing like it’s all black and white. Plus, the people who turn their nose up at it don’t have “problem” bodies.

If you have the type of body that is very out of proportion, then you’ll want to use style as a tool to help you look and feel better.

Or let’s say you are relatively proportional, but you need to be photographed or on camera, and you want to look your best. Then dressing for your body type is a useful tool to help you reach your desired goal.

It’s a TOOL, people!


You can use it if you want to and you can ignore if you want to.

I personally love to know all of the styling tips and tricks possible to enhance my relationship with style.

Do I use body type dressing all the time? Heck no.

Do I think you ALWAYS need to dress for your body type? Nope.

I do believe understanding your body and how to dress it can be incredibly useful because you never know when you’ll need that tool.

Check out today’s video for more on why dressing for your body type matters. And if you want more,

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