How To Show Off Your Curves The Right Way

We are just rocking and rolling right through this Body Type Series, aren’t we?! We are on body type 4 of 5, my friends.Today’s body type is the most sought after but also one of the most difficult to dress – the proportional body type aka the hourglass.

Why is it so hard?

Well because when you are curvy on the top and the bottom, you run the risk of two things happening:

1.) You look too “saucy” in your clothing because your curves are being hugged the wrong way.

2.) You end up looking bigger than you are because your clothing isn’t working with the natural curves of your body.

It’s all about getting things “just right” … not too hot, and not too cold.


In today’s video, we are diving into that body type and with a familiar face attached to it, Shannon from my Client Makeover Series.

Take and look, and if you’d like to UPGRADE to the full ‘Dress Right for Your Body Type’ program, you can do so for only $97. This program isn’t going to be available forever so jump on it while you still can.

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