The 5 Items Every Woman Should Purge From Her Closet

A few months ago one of my clients asked which five items every woman should toss from her closet – no matter what! It just occurred to me that I should share those items with you as well …

1.) Ill-Fitting Clothing

 When something doesn’t fit, it takes a major toll on your style. If something is too small, you end up feeling uncomfortable, which negatively affects your body language and how people perceive you. Not only that, you end up looking bigger than you are! So the high you get from fitting into a size two even though you’re a size four, actually makes you look like a size six. I call it sausage casing syndrome.
Alternatively, if you are wearing something that is too big because you are attempting to “hide” your flaws, you end up again looking bigger than you are and pretty messy.
If it doesn’t fit, either get it tailored or let it go.

2.) Items That Aren’t “You”

 We all fall into this trap, you see something that looks fabulous on another person (a celebrity, a model, a friend) and you think, “If you wear it too I’ll look as good as they do.”
If an article of clothing isn’t congruent with your personal style, you not only look weird – you will stop wearing that piece after one wear. Not wearing your clothes = wasted money.
Get in touch with your style, and don’t try to impersonate someone else.

3.) Expensive Items You Don’t Wear (but can’t get rid of because they were expensive)

 I have cleansed hundreds of closets and saw this happen 99% of the time.
A client has an expensive designer piece in their closet.
I gush over it.
They confess they never wear it.
I ask why?
They say insert reason here – doesn’t fit, looks horrible on, etc.)
So why the heck is the keeping it?! The pain of getting rid of something they invested in is so great. Getting rid of that item is like admitting defeat AND wasting money.
Well, guess what? Not wearing it is also a waste of money. So either donate it, consign it, or give it to a friend – just get it out of your closet. You don’t need that dress reminding you of your mistake.

4.) Items From Your Ex

 It could be a gift, an old tee shirt you wear to bed. I don’t care what it is, items from your ex’s need to go!
Relationships are tough to get over (even when they end for a good reason), and hanging on to relationship souvenirs – not helping.
Say goodbye to those memories and allow room for gifts from Mr or Mrs. Right to enter into your closet.

5.) Anything That Doesn’t Represent Where You Are In Life NOW

 Has this ever happened to you? You look inside your closet and realize your last wardrobe update was ten years ago and you are rocking the same sweater you wore in your coffee-fetching days.
This is why the majority of my clients book me.
If you are still rocking the same wardrobe from when you were coming up the ranks in your career, or when you were single, and now you’re married, or whatever the case may be. It is time to level up!
Your wardrobe should represent who you are now, and I’d even go as far say to where you want to be in the future. Don’t let your wardrobe live in the past because it could be holding you back.

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