How You Are Being Perceived – When to Know If It’s Real

I talk a lot about perception and how taking note of how people perceive you is an important ingredient to your success in business, love, and life.

Like it or not, what people think about you DOES matter.

I’ve spoken to that point so many times so I won’t go off an tangent about it now (I probably will later). What I really want to talk about is determining when you should take someone’s personal opinion of you into account.

Ever notice how 99% of people can say something nice about you, but that 1% who says something crappy is the only thing that sticks?

What’s up with that?!

The truth is that 1% isn’t even real, yet we let it affect us on such a deep level.

I’ll give you a recent example; I wore an outfit during one of my YouTube video shoots.

During the shoot, my entire crew and some of the models on set commented on how great my outfit looked. They commented on the fit, the color, they loved it. That particular outfit got more of a reaction that the other 25 outfits I wore for that shoot.

I posted a behind the scenes photo of that very outfit on Instagram. The picture got plenty of likes and comments specifically on how much they loved the outfit.

Cut a few weeks later when I post the video.

I got roasted for the outfit. People hated it. They said I had some nerve to give fashion advice dressed like that. Other people mocked my styling abilities. It got the point where I just stopped reading.

Does it hurt? Sure. No one likes to be insulted especially when they are trying to put out content that helps other women.

Are their comments true? Well, let’s look at the facts.

Do they have a popular YouTube channel that helps tens of thousands of women?

Do they get emails daily expressing their gratitude for the content they provide for free?

Do they pull in over a million dollars per year for their styling know-how?

My guess is no.

That 1% isn’t real.

They have every right to hate my outfit, but I don’t have to let that crap inside because I know my truth and I have the majority vote on my side.

So that’s when it isn’t real, but what about when it is …

If the majority of the people in your life that genuinely care about you have made comments about your appearance OR if you aren’t progressing in your life the way you’d like to be, THEN we have something to look at.

My clients come to me because they know they have the smarts, the talent, and the drive – yet they aren’t getting ahead. They aren’t be taken seriously by the people who matter. The world sees them as something different than who they know they are.

THAT, my friends, is when a change in order.

If you love the way you look, and you love the way your life is going, then rock on with your bad self!! Don’t let a few rogue haters take you down.



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