Dress Right For Your Body Type

After receiving an insane amount of emails regarding dressing for your body type, I created not only a brand new style series but a brand new virtual styling program to match!

Yep, I was recording the YouTube series, and I was like OMG these videos are like 30 minutes long – EACH. I pulled out the big guns for you guys. Full on lessons, models, the whole shebang. In the end, it was far too much content for YouTube, so I decided to create a little companion piece.

Here is how this is gonna go down …


For the next few weeks you will get to watch a sampling of the program on YouTube. Consider these your appetizer, and the program is the full 5-course meal.

No pressure to buy the program, but if you like what you see on YouTube consider taking the plunge. The program is mega-affordable (especially considering the amount of content you’re getting) at $97. I should probably add that with the program you get all of the videos at once!! So you can speed ahead of the YouTube series. BOOM!

So without further adieu, the first video of the series.


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