4 Unforgivable Style Mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes, and that’s okay. Sometimes you try a new trend or a new silhouette, and it doesn’t work out. It happens to everyone, and it’s no big deal.

There are, however, a few style mistakes that are unforgivable (okay technically everything is forgivable, but let’s just have a little fun here).

Why? Because they are completely preventable. After you learn what they are, you’ll never make those mistakes ever again.

1.) Your Clothes Are Too Tight

Just because you got it on doesn’t mean it fits. If any part of your body is spilling over, then it’s time to size up. When your clothes fit you look slimmer and more stylish.

2.) You’re Wearing Too Many Accessories

The necklace, the earrings, the bracelets, and the rings? Too much. Edit your look down to a select few pieces of your jewelry. When in doubt, remove one accessory.

3.) Your Undergarments Aren’t Working

Visible panty lines, showing straps, bumps, and lumps are completely preventable these days. There are so many undergarments options. Hit your local department store and get fitted for a bra – it’s a game changer.

4.) You’re Dressing Too Young

When it comes to style, your look should mature with you. I am all about dressing in a “youthful manner” but dressing far below your age bracket doesn’t always look the best.





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