10 Things Every Stylish Woman Owns

If you want to be stylish but have no idea where to start I’ve got your back!

Everyone loves a top 10 list so I figured I’d make one for style.

Out of all of the many things, stylish women can have hanging in her closet, I’ve boiled it all down to 10 essential pieces. Take a look!

1.) The Perfect Pair of Jeans

I’ll admit I have about a zillion pairs of jeans in my closet but what a girl needs is just one perfect pair of jeans. A classic, timeless pair that fits like a glove.

2.) A Fancy Pair of Shoes

You may not be able to afford a closet full of fancy shoes but having a pair will be a game changer to your wardrobe. Save up and be strategic in your choice. This investment will go a long way.

3.) A Classic Handbag

This is another instance where you don’t have to have every fancy pants handbag in your closet. However, I do recommend investing in a classic, well-made handbag that will stay stylish forever. Think, classic quilted Chanel flap bag.

4.) Tee Shirt That Fits

Falling into the tee shirt trap is easy – ya know having 100 “okay” looking tees. Stop that and invest in one that fits and flatters perfectly. You may need to spend a little more but it will be worth it.

5.) Classic Blazer

Even if you aren’t a blazer type of girl, get one. They are so versatile, and you never know when you’ll need to look polished (job interview, big meeting)

6.) Signature Outerwear

A signature piece of outerwear could be a leather jacket, a trench coat, a bomber jacket – a classic piece of outwear that fits with YOUR signature style.

7.) Go-To Cocktail Dress

Every woman needs a dress in her closet that she can quickly grab when a last-minute invitation comes across your inbox. Make sure it fits and make sure it’s easy to dress up or down.

8.) No-Fail Makeup Look

You don’t need to be a professional makeup artist for this one. Have one face that you can put on and always look fabulous. Look to a professional or your local makeup counter for a quick lesson.

9.) A Piece of Jewelry That Screams You!

Pearls, diamonds, delicate gold chains, a statement necklace … having your signature jewelry look on point will instantly elevate your style game.

10.) A Hair Stylist That You Can Trust

It may take years to find him or her, but once you do never let go!! Having a hairstyle that suits you will no doubt make you look more stylish.






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