What To Wear to an Industry Conference

I’m kind of a business nerd and spend a lot of time with top-performers (none of which are in the fashion industry). Since I’m the “token fashion girl” I get asked a lot of questions about style and my job as a personal stylist.

I also ask a lot of questions. Like, “How has style impacted your bottom line?”

I’ll never forget the story Dave Kerpen shared during a talk he did for an entrepreneur group I’m in.

The story of the orange shoes.

Dave wanted to build a professional relationship with a very important person. This person didn’t believe in emails. VIP’s email auto-responder said, “Find a more creative way to get in touch with me.”

Dave thinking he had cracked the code, attended a conference this VIP was attending. The problem was, Dave wasn’t the only person who had this genius idea. Thousands of people attended with the same goal in mind: meet Mr. VIP.

So how did it end up that Mr. VIP approached Dave – instead of it being the other way around?

Dave Kerpen’s orange shoes.

The shoes helped him stand out from the crowd.

The shoes were the conversation starter.

The shoes were the magic ticket that landed him the contact and a fulfilling business relationship.

Dave Kerpen understood the power of style, especially in a business conference setting.

Want to know what you should be wearing to an industry conference? Watch today’s video to find out.




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