What To Wear to a Job Interview


A topic that is guaranteed to get me fired up is job interview attire.

As a business owner, I’ve had quite a few prospects sitting on the other side of my desk in hopes of gaining employment. You’d think that since I work in the fashion industry people would step it up around me.


I have seen some terrible and downright offensive interview outfits in my day.

Listen to me, and listen to me carefully: You always need to dress professionally for a job interview. Always. No exceptions.

Your job interview outfit sets the tone for the rest of your conversation with your potential employer. If you look like a hot mess, or like you have no clue about the company you are interviewing for, it’s essentially game over.

I’ll never forget (and boy do I try) the girl who interviewed with me in cut off shorts.


In what world is that alright?!

Clearly, the information just isn’t out there, so please take a look at today’s video to find out exactly what you need be rocking on your next interview.

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