What To Wear to a Client Meeting

A big part of my job is meeting with clients.

My clients come from all walks of life. I have super buttoned-up professional clients who run major corporations and laid back stay-at-home moms who rock jeans on the daily.

It’s important that I make every single client I meet with feel comfortable and confident in my abilities to style them.

Dressing to meet with a client (no matter what industry you are in) is tricky because you may have to abandon parts of your style temporarily.

I remember flying to NYC client to meet with a potential client who is cell phone besties with the Obamas (she offered up her private jet – we were operating at that level). I knew I couldn’t show up in my usual edgy attire, so I wore a chic little suit with a leopard print top.

Another example is when I met with a big-wig client at NBC. She was more laid back and bohemian so I wore my best upgraded boho chic look to instill confidence in my ability to work with her style type.

In both cases I landed the job – so this stuff works!

So how do you dress for a client meeting? Watch today’s video for my top tips!


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