Money Can’t Buy You Style

Money doesn’t mean a damn thing unless you know yourself and your style.

It was a journey for me to become the high/low fashion mixer that I am today.

In my low days, I couldn’t afford a damn thing. I never embraced trends because I couldn’t. I was always two seasons behind so I created my unique personal style from an early age. Even as a teenager I didn’t shop at trendy stores. The once in a blue moon Contempo Casuals and my Limited Too birthday outfit – man do I remember that outfit!

When I was a 20-something with a bit of money, I went on a fast fashion bender for club nights mixed in with my Betsy Johnson pieces that I got with my employee discount.

As I got older and started working in the fashion industry, I was introduced to real designer fashion, and it was ON!

It was all I wanted, and I did whatever was necessary to get the best – warehouse sale, driving to the boonies, outlet shopping, eBay, etc

I went all high but for less.

It was good, and it was bad.

The good – I got to experience fashion on a different level, quality on a different level, and at least I got it at a discount.

The bad? Because a piece was a designer, I assumed it was good – even better if it was on sale. So I ended up with a mismatched wardrobe and a lot of wasted money. This is why developing your style and being clear on your goals is so important.

Today I still believe in buying the best quality you can afford, and I use fast fashion for fun – but only when I shop for it with thought and consideration. Those fast fashion pieces also need to be styled in a particular way to work and tailored when needed.

Recently I’ve been messing with Zara and shockingly H&M! I know, me the H&M hater, is changing her tune a bit.

A few things to think about when buying lower priced pieces

  • Is this a staple? Then skip it and buy high quality
  • Does this align with my style?
  • Would I buy this if it cost more?

What are your thoughts on high/low? Drop it in the comments.

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