Ending The Mean Girls Era Through Style

I’m super into movies. I won’t go as far as to call myself a film buff but when I find a movie I love, I watch it 50 million times. I memorize it; I live it, it’s a thing.

It all started with The Wizard of Oz. This started my love affair with shoes.

The next movie I watched non-stop was Zoolander. My brother and I watched this movie over and over again in college.

Next on the movie obsession train was Mean Girls. OMG Mean Girls how I loved you so.

The year was 2004, and I was 23 and boy I was different. Like WAY different.

The Lauren that you see here today was a PROJECT who took years of work to create.

Frankly put: I was an asshole.

Back then I thought you had to be a bitch to get ahead.

I thought you others had to be put down for me to rise up.

The Mean Girl persona was a lifestyle for me.

The idea of paying another person a compliment was unheard of. I didn’t want other people to look better than me, to be skinnier than me, or to be more successful than me.

It’s painful to reflect on such a time because it’s so far from where I am today.

Today I want people to look good. In fact, I’ve made a career out of it.

When helping women 1-on-1 with their style wasn’t enough, I kicked things up a notch by creating virtually offerings that not only helped transform women’s style but also created a sense of community.

Last month I was blown away by the participation in my 30-Day Outfit Challenge private Facebook group. I was regularly brought to tears by the way these women were lifting each other up.

I have to share this … One woman who was affected by Hurricane Harvey said the group helped get her through it.

“Lauren, this challenge has been an amazing experience, and I have enjoyed being a part of this wonderful supportive community.

The messages of support from the ladies of this group have helped more than you know during this period of the hurricane. Seeing your smiling faces gave me welcome moments of respite during this challenging time.

My family and I were able to get through the storm without damage. Others here in my beloved city and state did not fare as well. We are still waiting to see what the cresting of the Brazos river will bring… We will get through this…

This may be the end of the challenge, but the spirit of this community will be with me always… Thank you for such a wonderful experience.”


The 30-Day Outfit Challenge is over, but the sense of community is kicking inside of PSU, where women lift each other up DAILY.

My mission has always been to change the way women get dressed, but recently my mission has taken on new meaning through all of you.

So ladies, help me end the mean girl’s era, and let’s start lifting other women up DAILY in regards to their style.

Here is my challenge to you:

Compliment at least one women a day on her style. Double points if it’s a stranger.

You can do it online; you can do it in person. Doesn’t matter just spread the love.

Can you imagine the chain reaction? Think about how you feel when you walk around with a little extra pep in your step because you KNOW you look good?


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