6 Simple Ways to Be More Stylish

More style? Yes, please.

Everyone can benefit from having a bit more style in their life – the not-so-stylish and the super stylish alike. To me, style is like money – can you ever have too much? Don’t answer that.

I have identified six easy ways to up your style game.

1.) Layer

Adding a layer is the easiest way to step up your style game. Take a base look (jeans and a tee shirt) and add a layer. The layer could be a blazer, a vest, a leather jacket. Doesn’t matter! Just adding one more piece will take you from basic to baller.


2.) Simple Style Swaps

We are all guilty of reaching for those comfortable and familiar pair of jeans in the closet. Instead of putting the jeans on, swap out for leather pants or trousers. If your default is a tee shirt, make a simple swap and try a button down blouse instead.

3.) Embrace Prints

Wearing a printed garment instead of a solid garment is an instant upgrade that is ridiculously easy. The print can be on a garment or baby step it with something like a scarf.

4.) Leave Your Comfort Zone

Many of us get into style ruts, and that is completely normal. Take a risk a try something that’s surprising to your style. If you never wear leather, give it a try and see what happens. The pure shock of it all instantly upgrades your style.

5.) Show Off Your Best Qualities

Have great legs? Wear a short skirt and show off that body with confidence. When you feel good about yourself, you’ll come off more confident, and that is always in style.

6.) Wear Color

Take a break from the neutrals and try a color for a quick style boost.




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