Mo’ Money, Mo’ Fashion: When Enough is Enough

Our old pal Webster defines materialism as “a tendency to consider material possessions as more important than spiritual values.”


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In this digital age, the pressure to keep up appearances is more intense than ever making it’s easy to slip into the materialism trap.

The number of likes you get from your outfit selfie is suddenly way more important than connecting with something bigger than you.

It’s freaking scary because I can see this in myself sometimes.

I consider myself a spiritual person, but sometimes I think oh-mighty-Chanel will make me happier than a day in the park connecting with nature or catching up with an old friend.

Style is a tool, and it has a place in our lives. It can help us get a better job, feel better about ourselves, it can help us find a partner- but when the pendulum swings too far in the other direction, then Houston we have a problem.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself! Check out today’s video for tips on how to fight back against this deadly sin. 

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