Is Your Style Sabotaging Every Area Of Your Life?

Is it possible that the way you dress is sabotaging every area of your life?

Yes, it’s very possible and I bet it’s happening to you right now.

Sounds dramatic doesn’t it, but indulge me and let’s explore this for a moment …

A few days ago I was talking to one of my Personal Style University clients who, prior to joining the program, had a serious breakdown.

Her boyfriend’s daughter was borrowing her clothes. At first she thought, “How cute!” Then she realized wait a minute … I should not be sharing a wardrobe with a 13-year-old.

Something clicked and she realized that what she was wearing was not a reflection of who she is and where she wants to go in life.

Suddenly everything made sense and the tears started coming.

Homegirl had a full on cry-fest! At lunch. In public.

She expressed to me how she spent years telling herself that style didn’t matter. She was above dressing well because she was smart, cool, and barrel of laughs.

What she was telling herself was a lie (except for the smart, cool, funny part).

After decades of suppressing those thoughts regarding the importance of style, she exploded.

She took the leap and joined PSU and the healing began.

So let me ask you this, do you:

Fear being ridiculed for taking a fashion risk or dressing outside of your comfort zone?

  • Wear the same handful of outfits over and over again – they worked once, so why not 50 times? But let’s face it we’re all sick of seeing those outfits.
  • Feel self-conscious when you walk into a room because of the way you look?
  • Keep a stack of magazines, books, and have a Pinterest board loaded with inspiration because you swear you’ll be able to sort this out on your own.
  • Frequently partake in the vicious cycle of cleaning out your closet, only to fill it up again with clothing you end up hating after you’ve wore it once?
  • Already know deep down inside that loving everything in your closet and getting excited about the way you look everyday would be a dream come true.

Sound familiar? We’ve all been there.

Style matters!

Ignoring it doesn’t work.

Wishing and hoping for a solution to magically appear doesn’t work.

Waiting (to lose the weight, to have more money, to have more time) doesn’t work either.

It’s all about action, my friend. Grab this problem by the balls just like you do with everything else in your life and do something about it!

Most people swear that hiring an expensive stylist is the only answer. And an answer they couldn’t possibly afford.

Speaking as an expensive stylist, I should be telling you that’s the answer but it’s not.

And that’s why I’m so excited to open up Personal Style University for the second year in a row. A virtual styling program that allows you to take style into your own hands – with my help, of course.

Personal Style University is a program of action for people who want serious change in their lives.

If you just want to look cute, then maybe this isn’t the path for you.

The women who go through PSU come out way different than when they came in.

They look better, they feel better, they get promotions, they get married, they get confident, and they get happy.

That’s the kind of stuff that a scattered trip to the mall or a crazy night of online shopping can’t do.

I created PSU with you in mind. The powerful businesswoman, the mother, the wife, the woman who:

  • Recognizes the danger in staying “stuck”, yet still hasn’t updated her wardrobe to reflect her accomplishments
  • Would prefer to spend time on her career, with family and friends, rather than agonizing over what to wear and wondering if it even looks good – but still wants to look good.
  • Wishes she could ask someone (a professional) who isn’t her boyfriend, husband, or even worse – her mother, how she looks before walking out the door.
  • Isn’t into mediocre. You don’t settle in any other area of your life, so why this one?

If you are done playing the ridiculous game of trying, failing, and wasting money trying nail down this piece, and are ready to commit to a step-by-step model that works, then you’ll want to check out PSU.

In short, Personal Style University is the answer to all of your fashion woes.

I’m willing to bet that if for the next 30-days you really focus on your style through the lessons laid out inside of PSU, and leverage the private Facebook group; all of the other areas of your life that feel “off” will fall into place.Read to get started? Join now.

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