How to Combat Style Envy

I love our boy Webster right now! Envy is defined as resentful longing or aroused by someone else’s possessions.

I think the connection to style is quite obvious here, but let’s unpack this sin, shall we?

Women have been jealous or envious of other women since the beginning of time, but in this digital age, it’s way worse.

Other people’s possessions (OPP) is pushed in our faces 24/7 through Instagram and other social platforms. The pressure to keep up and to show off is real. If I’m not posting my latest purchase, how will people know I’m successful, stylish, savvy, and in-the-know?

Envy can take two hideous turns:

1.) It crushes your self-esteem/self-worth. I work hard, why they hell is she wearing the new “it” bag and I’m over here rocking last seasons sale bag? You beat yourself up; you feel you’re behind in life. And it begins to spiral. Well if she has that, she probably has more clients than me! I should just give up now; I’ll never have that.


2.) You start sipping on Hater-aid. Not familiar with the beverage? Hater-aid is when you get pissed at someone’s success. Oh, I bet she’s a gold digger, and one of her old ass boyfriends bought it for her. It’s probably fake. Looks terrible on her anyways.

Either you’re going to drink the poison yourself, or spike homegirls drink with it.

How do we combat this?

An attitude of gratitude and understanding that there is more than enough to go around.

Just because she has a Chanel bag doesn’t mean you can’t have one. Just because she looks great doesn’t mean you’re a hideous troll living under a bridge.

Abandoning scarcity mentality is the first step towards battling envy.

Being grateful for what you’ve got helps too. Sometimes I get upset and envious over style influencers who are wearing straight off the runway pieces, but then I get grateful for how far I’ve come and remember the stories behind every piece in my closet.

Kick this deadly sin to the curb and get grateful.

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