Goal Setting and Style: Why Looking Good Gets You What You Want

There are two phrases that make me CRINGE!

1.) Girl Boss. It was cute for 5 minutes (when the book came out), but now it’s downright insulting. Can’t we just be bosses? Slapping “girl” in front of it is childish and weird.

2.) Goal Digger. This one never amused me. It’s too close to a gold digger, and I don’t dig for goals, I set them, and I reach them. End of story.

Even though those particular phrases make me want to vomit, their intentions are good.

Having goals and aspirations in your career and life are good things.

If I didn’t set goals, I wouldn’t have anything to get me out of bed in the morning. I’d never brush my hair, and I’d wear yoga clothes 24/7.

Heck, I’d probably still live in that tiny studio apartment in Hollywood that was bed bug infested (true story).

Goals are good, but the problem is we only seem to focus on one or two areas of our lives. Getting paid (work) and getting laid (love).

We work around the clock, swipe right, and get pissed when we don’t get results.

My question for you is: How do you look?

Style seems like a funny element to throw into this equation, but hear me out.

If you were dressing the part would it help you land the dream job? (It certainly wouldn’t hurt, and I have tangible proof that it does help.)

If you dressed in a way that made you feel sexy, would that help you attract a mate? (Again, I have proof that this works.)

Where do you want to go? Who do you want to be? How do you want to be perceived?

Those are the questions I ask my clients (along with zillion others) before I even get started on developing their style.

I asked myself those very questions a few years ago when I was feeling stuck in life.

I wasn’t getting the respect I deserved at work.

My love life was shit.

And I wasn’t having any fun – my idea of fun was staying home and ordering in

I also noticed that I was spending a lot of money on clothing, was wearing things once and then never again, and my image didn’t match my accomplishments or my goals.

I looked at my vision board, and I looked at myself … I didn’t look like the person who would attain those goals.

I wanted to be a millionaire by 35

I wanted to go to Paris

I wanted to be the best personal stylist in the world

I wanted to be a boss and person who inspired other women

All of those goals (which btw I have now reached)

Here is what I want you to do …

Reverse engineer your life and play out a little Sliding Doors action but with clothes

Watch the movie called your life in what you’re wearing now. Does your outfit put you in the corner office? Does it get you your dream guy? Does it make your children proud to call you their mother?

Now pop in a NEW movie of what life would look like with you dressed to kill. Those fresh threads look damn good behind that big ass desk with the view of the city behind you. You are looking a solid ten next that hunky dude who just proposed. Damn you are looking effortless strolling through the park with your family.

But how do you get there?

You could hire an expensive stylist, drop 10k on services and wardrobe, or you can take your style into your own hands.

What is that teach a man to fish saying? Yeah, it’s that with style.

Personal Style University is on fire right now and is a tool you can use (with the help of me) to take control of your style.

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