Don’t Get Mad, Get Stylish!

The definition of Wrath is extreme anger. Here is how have I’ve seen anger work its way into personal style:

1.) When something doesn’t fit, flatter, or work for your body.
“Why are models so damn skinny? Why doesn’t the fashion industry support tall women/short women/curvy women.”

2.) When you can’t afford something.
“OMG, this is highway robbery! Who in their right mind would pay for this? Only obnoxious rich people buy this crap.”

Do those phrases sound familiar? Maybe they’ve come out of your mouth, or friends.

Don’t get mad, get stylish.

With any fashion problem, there is a solution. Sometimes it involves research, sometimes it requires the help of a professional, at times you need to go outside the box – indie brands, smaller retailers, custom clothing, etc.

Being angry helps no one. The fashion industry doesn’t care; they are doing just fine.

Enter into solution mode by watching today’s video!

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