Decoding the Dress Code: Work

You all know how fired up I get about work wardrobes. Dressing appropriately for your career is imperative, and it impacts your bottom line. Whether your office dress code is dressy, casual, creative, or if you work from home – you need to look at least a little bit professional.

Being “suited” up for work makes you work harder, will have people taking you more seriously, and it will get you results.

Ok, I’ll stop now. On with the dress codes.

1.) Business Formal

We aren’t messing around here!  Suits, business dresses, covered body parts, closed toe shoes, and tasteful styling. We aren’t trying to be fashion plates here. Sure you can show your style, you know that’s always encouraged, but you can’t go breaking the dress code here. This is a serious place of business.

2.) Business Casual

Here is where things get confusing. Remember the word business comes first, then casual. I like to recommend wearing majority business and then splash in some casual elements like tailored jeans and fashion-forward items.

3.) Casual/ Creative

This is where all hell breaks loose. No rules style gone wild. If you work in a more creative environment where people are wearing hoodies and flip flops, it can be hard to be “professional.” Have fun and embrace your signature style but remember it’s a place of business so don’t show a lot of skin and make sure your look is aligned with your goals.

4.) Work From Home

No pajamas, I repeat no pajamas. Get dressed for work and experiment with items like knit blazers, slouchy trousers – these things help you get into “work mode” I also recommend leaving the house once a day to see people, you’ll have a reason to get dressed.

What do you wear to work?

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