Decoding the Dress Code: Dining Out

Remember when you used to just go to a restaurant and that was that?

You can’t just “go” to a restaurant anymore. You have to look it up on Yelp, make sure it has 4.5 stars or 5 stars, you’ve gotta look at the food pics, and check out all the details like self-park vs. valet, dogs allowed, and of course, the dress code.

New restaurants pop up all the time, especially in bigger cities. Some are fancy, some are trendy, and some super casual (but with those you never know who you’ll meet while waiting in an hour long line for a donut.) Dressing the part is key. If you don’t, you might find yourself kicked out and eating at McDonald’s.

Let’s decode some popular restaurant dress codes, shall we?

1.) Casual

This is not an anything goes type of deal. Whenever you leave the house, you should look polished and ready for the public eye. Jeans, a decent pair of shoes, cute top – let’s pull it together folks.

2.) Business Casual

I see this pop up a lot for business luncheons. Wear a nice skirt and a simple top. Easy shift dress, dressy jeans, and a blouse. Real shoes – no sneakers

3.) Casual Elegant

This is a dressed up version of casual attire. A day dress, dressy pants with a simple blouse will do the trick.

4.) Formal

You can get fancy for this one. Cocktail dress, evening separates, even a long dress would be appropriate for this particular dress code.

5.) Jacket Required

Pull out all the stops. Men have to wear a jacket. Women can still rock a cocktail dress but a tasteful and very dressy one. Be dressed for a full on dining experience.

Do you freak out about dining dress codes or are most places “anything” goes types of establishments?






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