Decoding the Dress Code: Dating

Maybe I’m alone here, but dating is stressful! First, you have to find him, then go through the rollercoaster of emotions with “dating rules” – who should text first, 3-day rule, etc. But the toughest part is what to wear!

I’ve talked about it before in past videos, but ladies we gotta stop playing small when it comes to our dating attire. We are so afraid of looking like we’re trying too hard, we miss out on showing our best selves.

So let’s do this! Let’s get dressed up for dates – for us! When we look good, we feel good, and that’s attractive. And if the date doesn’t pan out, ditch that loser and take your hot outfit out on the town.


1.) First Date

Wear a dress or a skirt. I’ve interviewed men, and they love it when a woman dresses up. Save the jeans and heels for the second date.

2.) Dinner and Movie

You made it through date one, and you looked hot in your dress – now show him how cute your butt is in a cool pair of jeans, heels, a sexy top, and a fun jacket (leather jacket, sexy cropped blazer)

3.) Adventure Based Date/Outdoors

Classic third date ‘let’s go hiking or to the beach.’ Dress for the occasion, of course, but do it with style. Show off your silhouette, wear color, and wear the right shoes. Bring a backup outfit like a simple dress you can pop on if the date turns into a meal out.

4.) A Night Out On The Town

He likes you; he really likes you! Now you’re going somewhere nice. Bust out the sexy cocktail dress, the clutch, and the heels. How often do you get wined and dined? Don’t play small with your pants and a cute top. Snooze … boring!!

I know those aren’t “official” dress codes, but since panic typically arises for each of those occasions, I figured why not.

What is your go-to date outfit? Spill it in the comments.


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