Am I Going Crazy or Am I Changing? My Spiritual Awakening and Personal Style

Have you experienced a shift or a sort of “spiritual awakening” where everything just feels different?

Things snap into place, the picture finally focuses, and you know change is on the horizon?

I just had that experience.

I should have known something was on the horizon when I suddenly wanted to redecorate my entire apartment, was getting bored with my current workout regime, and the Eat24 app replaced trips to the grocery store.

I noticed my style was changing too.

It took me a minute to see it, but I saw I was ditching some of my semi-recent style decisions and picking up some style habits from my past.

WTF was going on here?!

What was going on was that I was fighting change. I was in a push-pull/ devil-angel type of situation. I wasn’t in the present moment at all. I was dipping into my painful past and was afraid of the future.

Then suddenly things clicked.

I knew what I had to d,o and allowing my style to evolve for this new chapter of my life needed to be part of the process.

With that being said, I am becoming my own client. Again.

Last year I introduced my first virtual styling program called ‘Personal Style University.’ I had an incredible group of women (my founding members) who took the leap and joined me on this style journey.

Today I am relaunching PSU, and it’s better than ever before!!

I have a ton of new bonuses and additions to the program, an even more thriving community, and I want YOU to be a part of it.

I will go through the process with you, and I will be with you every step of the way as we change our style and our lives together.

Want in? Let’s do this.

PS- If you are like but wait, Lauren … I still don’t get wtf Personal Style University is. Then take a look at the video  below where I take you on a tour of the program.

PPS- There is a money back guarantee. So if you are like bleh this isn’t what I thought it would be, I’ll happily refund you (well I’ll be sad, but I’ll still do it).

PPPS- It’s raining bonuses!! In fact, if you purchase in the next 24 hours and forward me your receipt, you’ll get a free closet cleanse with me via Skype!! A $497 value for FREE!!!!!

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