3 Horrible Style Habits That Are Holding You Back

Welcome! This month every Friday at 1pm PST I will be hosting a free live style session. Additionally, this month I am hosting a 30-Day Outfit Challenge and you are welcome to join anytime – it’s not too late.

Why now? Why August?

August was always a fun time for me growing up because it was back to school time, a time to reinvent yourself and your style. Now that we are full grown adults, we’re missing out on that fun so I’m declaring August ‘Style Reboot Month’

Today’s lesson is all about the nasty style habits that are holding you back.

Reality Check: Your Style IS Holding You Back in some way

Let’s be honest, you’re tricking yourself by thinking it isn’t and that style isn’t important.

Think back to when getting dressed was fun, getting a compliment made your day, when body images and self confidence issues didn’t exist – man that was a long time ago!

Now that all of those things are in play, you act like you don’t care but then something comes up where you have to care (big meeting, date, event, etc) then you start …

  • Wasting time
  • Wasting energy
  • Wasting money
  • And your insecurities are heightened

All of this is keeping you from moving forward in your life, whether it’s work, love, or life

How do I know? I’ve seen it in myself and with my clients. Style is an easy barometer to gauge how you’re doing

So … What are the 3 most horrible habits that are killing your style game and messing with your life?

Bad Habit #1- Shopping without a Plan

Most of my clients say “I hate shopping!” And my in-person clients say that me doing it for them is “the only way to shop.” Well, what about those of you who can’t afford a stylist or aren’t in LA or those that are can’t get past my waiting list? You need to learn these skills for yourself so you can put the fun back into shopping! Remember when it was fun?

Right now you are screwing up shopping in the following ways …

  • No inspiration
  • No shopping list
  • No goals
  • No direction
  • No defense mechanism against feeling weak against sales people
  • And you’re falling victim to your style-less friends opinions

Bad Habit #2- Picking Out Your Outfit In The Morning

Because you don’t care about style or if you do it’s very low on the priority list, you do the following:

  • Blank stare into closet, grabs same outfit that you always wear
  • Dressing in a rush, feeling incomplete or like something is “off”
  • Closet meltdowns (especially before a big meeting or an event)

Mornings are very important and they set the tone for your day. Is a blank stare, frustration, and feeling bad about yourself the way you want to start your day?!

Bad Habit #3- Being a Style Chameleon

One of the things that my clients crave is their own style. “That’s so me” but for so many that doesn’t exist at all. People who have killer style have that.

Having a signature style makes shopping stress-free and it enhances your brand – and yes, everyone has a brand.

When you are all over the place or a “chameleon” to make it sound good. You …

  • Don’t have a vibe or a signature style
  • Dressing one way one day, another the next, and so on – it’s confusing to yourself and the world. Who the heck are you?!
  • You have a closet full of things you wear once or even worse never wear
  • Closet full of items that don’t go together

Are you making any of these mistakes? Don’t worry I have and sometimes I still slip.

In fact, that’s why I created a virtual styling program called Personal Style University and I’m going through it with my clients because I’m feeling my style evolve and I want to be in control of the message I’m sending out to the world.

What is PSU? PSU is a video based virtual styling program. It’s a system, it’s my videos on steroids, and it’s having me as your personal stylist no matter where you live in the world.


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