How To Make Christian Louboutin ‘So Kate’ Shoes Comfortable

Image by Micah Gianneli & Jesse Maricic |

Out of all of the shoes in Christian Louboutin family, the ‘So Kate’ is by far the sexiest. They also happen to be the most uncomfortable. I’d argue to say that they are the most uncomfortable shoe that I’ve ever slipped my foot into.

So why do so many women own this shoe? Myself included.They’re HOT! They are one of the sexiest and most iconic shoes ever. When those factors come into play, all reason and logic is thrown out the window.

I purchased a nude pair from Net-a-Porter because my favorite pair from another brand broke. I tried them on and was like, “Oh hell no! These are going back.”  I filled out the return slip and everything.

Then I thought … let me just wear them around the house for a bit. Figuring they would “stretch out”

I kept them.

Fast-forward to me attending an event. I popped them on walked out the door, made it the car, turned around and took them off.

By now it was too late to return them. They were mine.

So I did what any woman who just spent $700 on shoes would do. I came up with a solution.

I took my shoes to the cobbler and did the following:

1.) Had them stretched

2.) Had the heel shortened by 1/4”

What a difference! Seriously. I can actually wear these heels with little to no pain. For around $60 my shoes were changed.


Would you try this trick or would you skip the ’So Kate’ entirely?








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