The Great Fake Debate: Fakes, Inspired By, and Designer Decoy Bags

One of the greatest pieces of advice that I’ve ever received is this:

“Change your mind.”

So often we get stuck in our beliefs and refuse to budge. Maybe it’s pride, or on some level, we think we aren’t “allowed” to change our minds.

I’m here to say that change is good and opening your mind allows new thoughts to come in.

A thought pattern that I was stuck on was this; If you can’t afford the real thing you can’t have it. Period. That left zero room for bags that were inspired by designers or, god-forbid, a fake.

Seems like a reasonable stance, especially for a “fashion person” so why am I now opening my mind?

Find out in today’s video, and PLEASE weigh in on the video comments (head to YouTube) because our conversion is lit!

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