Operation Live Life: I Finally Went To Paris!

If I had to choose one word to describe my relationship to work, it would have to be “workaholic.”

Yep, I’m straight up addicted.

As a business owner, I’ve always felt like I have to be “on” and “available” 24/7. If I’m not then my business would suffer, I’d let people down, and I wouldn’t be able to support my team.

So I work. All. The. Time.

The last time I took a vacation was six years ago with my boyfriend at the time’s family. I brought my laptop and would freak out if I couldn’t connect to wifi on a tropical island- wasn’t much of a vacation.

This year I decided things would be different. I was exhausted and tired of “wishing” for things that weren’t difficult to make a reality.

My annual vision boards ALWAYS had Paris on them, but I had previously made zero effort to get there.

So I put my foot down, picked a date, and asked my high school best friend to accompany me.

My friends, I just got back from Paris, and it was INCREDIBLE!!!

Did I bring my laptop? Yes.

Did my laptop break on the trip making it so I couldn’t use it? Yes.

Did I work on this trip? Not really (okay I may have vlogged, got inspired, and made some Instagram stories – but that’s it!!)

I am officially in love with Paris, I am drinking the “take time for yourself” Koolaid, and am making travel a regular thing for me.

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4 thoughts on “Operation Live Life: I Finally Went To Paris!”

  1. I am literally sitting in the airport on a layover on my way to Paris! It will be my first time too and looking at your pics has me super excited to get there! Thanks for sharing

  2. Isn’t Paris amazing?! I went last July kind of “checking off the box” rather than it being a life long dream. I was 1000% enchanted! It’s very inspiring and a place where I found myself in many ways. Can’t wait to hear a post on how you would create the Parisian style. I loved sitting at a café and watching everything go by. One thing I noticed most is that Parisian women have confidence. That is their #1 accessory. If you can add that to any outfit, you are sure to look great. That’s when you wear the clothes instead letting the clothes wear you.

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