Hidden Perks At Your Favorite Shops

When you shop as much as I do, you want some sort of reward for all of your spending. I mean, it’s the least the stores could do 😉

But seriously, stores do reward shoppers for being loyal, and there are a ton of great perks out there! Some that you probably don’t know about, or one you completely forgot exist. Which is why I love today’s question:


Can you do an episode that teaches stylists how to make the most of the high end stores they shop in?


Sure can! And this advice applies to all women, not just stylists. Watch today’s video to find out how you can be scoring (and saving) at your favorite shops.





One thought on “Hidden Perks At Your Favorite Shops”

  1. White House Black Market will pull items for you and have a dressing room ready for you also. They will also find items they may be out of and mail them to you. I don’t have a card for that store, but I do earn points and never pay full price for items because of that.

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