Junk(less) in the Trunk: How To Fake A Booty

One area of my body which I am incredibly blessed is my booty. I’ve always had an ample backside, and it’s one of my favorite features. Sure, sometimes it makes buying pants and skirts more difficult, but overall I’m glad I’ve got it.

Now there are other areas of my body that I am less than pleased with. I think we all have those areas of our bodies. Lucky for us, fashion is a magical tool that can make things that look small big, and things that are big look small.

To all of my friends who are lacking in the booty department, this fashion question is for you:

Can you please do a video for people who don’t have much junk in the trunk?  That’s a challenge for sure!


For any area of your body that is too small, you can build it up with style. Here are a few ways to you can “add” to your frame …

3-Dimensional accents like flap pockets, pleating, folding, ruffles, etc.


Bold colors and prints


Fabrics that stand out like metallics and sequins


Want more tips? Watch today’s video.


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