#StyleGoals: Finding Your Style Role Models

Have you watched my free 3-part video series ‘The Fashion Formula’ yet?

What are you waiting for you?! In this mini video course, I am showing you how to get your personal style in order.

Video 2: Finding Your Inspiration (gain access here) is all about getting inspired by what I called “style role models” and adapting that inspiration into something that works for perfectly you!

We all have role models or people we look to for inspiration in nearly every area of our lives – business role models, couples who give us #RelationshipGoals, and the list goes on … So why not have a few style role models in your life? Whenever I work with a new client, I ask them who their favorite style icons are, and the reply is a blank stare nine times out of ten. Finding other women who inspire you will help make getting dressed in the morning a lot easier.

Watch video 2 here:

video 2 of 3 part series

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