Setting Up Your Closet For Style Success

If you haven’t heard the news, I have a FREE 3-part video series on personal style.

This is the first of many announcements that are coming this month! Seriously, I am crazy excited about all of my big news, I’ve been keeping it under lock and key for months and can’t wait to share it with you.

So let’s dive into Video 1: The Right Stuff (get access to the video here)

Something I noticed in my closet a few years back, was that I didn’t own those timeless classics or basics that had I always talked about and studied. A closet without the basics made getting dressed extremely challenging and helped explain why I was always buying new clothes, and nothing I owned could seamlessly be mixed and matched. I needed to master the basics and once I did – WOW.

This video is all about mastering the basics and if you haven’t already downloaded my Ultimate Wardrobe checklist, the link is below.

video 1 the right stuff

Download the Ultimate Wardrobe Checklist>


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