How Much Does A Personal Stylist Cost?

Styling has officially hit the mainstream. Everyday people now know that stylists aren’t just for the rich and famous. The average man and woman can have a stylist – call me biased but I think everyone should!

Obviously, it’s fantastic that everyone knows they can have a stylist, but there are a lot of misconceptions out there in regards to how much a personal stylist costs.

As a personal stylist with a thriving business, and an educator who teaches aspiring personal stylists how to start their businesses, I get a lot of feedback on how different prospects react to the cost of the services.

Many clients happily fork over the cash to work with a stylist because they understand the work that goes into the job, and the time and money it SAVES them by working with a stylist.

Then there are the others who freak out when they find out a stylist’s rates and the recommend investment for the wardrobe.

The shock comes for two reasons; 1.) they aren’t used to investing in themselves and 2.) they have no clue what a stylists costs because it’s their first time shopping for one.

I created today’s video to provide some clarity on the topic because this information isn’t shared anywhere. Of course, different stylists work in a variety of ways and charge different prices – so my info isn’t the end all be all. The way I work with clients is by providing them a massive change in style (and in life) and a new WARDROBE (not just a few pieces).

Check it out and I hope it’s helpful for those of you considering working with a stylist.

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One thought on “How Much Does A Personal Stylist Cost?”

  1. Lauren,

    I just watched your video, excellent way of breaking down how much personal stylist may charge. I’m a little confused, does a stylist use a company credit card to shop for clients or clients card to shop? I’m opening a sole business starting out with just me and I would like to understand.

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