Style Development: Find Your Vibe, Find Your True Sense Of Style

Does this scenario sound familiar …

Go to get dressed and realize you hate everything you own. Who the heck bought this ugly crap anyways? Decide it’s time to make a change. You pick up your laptop and start scrolling through Pinterest. Your mind is racing, and you are feeling so inspired. ‘That’s cute, so is that, omg I can totally rock this look – yep this is my new style all the way.’ You are on fire and feeling great. The next logical step is to start a little online shopping. You can’t possibly wait until tomorrow to hit the stores; the time is now.,, Net-a-Porter, Shopbop … Whatever your online position is you are on it. You spend hours on the Internet,  filling up your cart, taking things out, debating the shipping costs, and then finally you check out. 5-7 business days later, your bounty arrives.

Some of it fits, some of it doesn’t – but that’s life. You put on your first outfit, and the high of your purchase has you on cloud nine.

Then something happens.

A week passes and you realize that you don’t look like that girl on Pinterest. Your chic minimalist look is suddenly plain and tired. What happened? You swore you nailed it. Buyers remorse sets in, and you decide yet again that style just isn’t for you.

Sad story but a true story and I hear it all the time. Heck, I’ve even experienced it myself in the past.

What you need is a professional to develop your style, then the shopping part becomes easy. Enter my new Style Development package which I offer as a virtual service.

There is a reason I get paid to do what I do; I have the ability to figure people out and translate that into a style that is personal to them. Everyone’s got their gifts in life; this is mine.

Style Development

During this virtual service I take the ingredients, I use with my in-person clients (minus the face-to-face interaction and the shopping) and bring them to you through your computer. I will work with you to develop your new sense of style and give you a clear roadmap to help you get your style in check. I’ll also give you product recommendations to get you on the right track when it comes to shopping.

This Service Is Perfect For You If You:

  • Are completely lost when it comes to finding a style that is “you.”
  • Would love to work with a stylist but aren’t ready to fully invest in 1-on-1 services and new wardrobe
  • You don’t live in Los Angeles but would still like the opportunity to work with me

This Service is NOT Perfect For You If You:

  • Want 1-on-1 time with me. This service is completely virtual, and access to me is limited to email communication. Want more Lauren, then check out my in-person services AND from time-to-time I can create virtual custom packages where you get more of me.
  • Are ready for an overhaul and a new wardrobe. This is an assessment and an excellent starting point for those experimenting with the idea of working with a stylist.

Interested in having me assess your style? Click here to get started>


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