Style Assessment: What Is Your Outfit Saying About You?

You’ve probably heard this one before, but did you know that it takes a person seven seconds to form an opinion about you. SEVEN!! Seven seconds to decide if you are trustworthy, kind, single, successful, sexy and the list goes on and on. Considering the fact that you can’t even form a full sentence in seven seconds, this opinion is based solely on your appearance.

I know what you are going to say next, “Lauren, I don’t care what people think of me because it’s what’s on the inside that counts.” Our mothers really f*$@ed us up with that one, huh? The truth is you do care what people think of you, not to mention that other people’s thoughts (OPT) could be preventing your life from moving forward.

Now, of course, what’s on the inside counts too, but no one is going to find out what’s on the inside if your outsides aren’t representing you accurately.

Think about it, the lady in front of you at the bank with the spandex pants and the ‘I Love Cats’ t-shirt could be a very talented accountant with a heart of gold, but you’d better believe I’m not giving her a dime of my money. She looks straight up crazy, and it’s human nature for me to take action to keep safe from crazy. If that same woman ditched her crazy cat lady attire for say, a nice fitting pair of dark wash jeans and a blouse – my perception of her would completely change and bam she’s hired.

See how that works? If you don’t it’s okay; you’re just not ready for change – yet. We each get ready at different times. For years I didn’t give a damn and dressed however the heck I wanted. I remember my mom telling me to tone down my makeup and my crazy outfits when I was in high school to help with my babysitting business. I gave her a big ole “Whatever!” Had I listened to her I’m sure I could have drummed up some more business.

So what does your style say about you?

The best place to start is to ask. You can ask others; you can ask yourself, or you can ask me.

Yes, you read that right – you can ask me. With my virtual styling service ‘Style Assessment’ you can find out (from me) what your style is saying about you. Not only will I give you honest (but kind) feedback on your current sense of style, I will give you tips and product recommendations to get you on the right track moving forward. How cool is that?

Virtual Styling: Style Assessment

This Service Is Perfect For You If You:

  • Are feeling stuck in life and suspect their style may be holding them back.
  • Want access to my expert opinion.
  • Aren’t ready to fully invest in a stylist and a brand new wardrobe – they just need a little nudge to get them started.
  • Are curious if they are getting it right when it comes to their personal style.

This Service is NOT Perfect For You If You:

  • Want 1-on-1 time with me. This service is completely virtual, and access to me is limited to email communication. Want more Lauren, then check out my in-person services AND from time-to-time I can create virtual custom packages where you get more of me.
  • Are ready for an overhaul and a new wardrobe. This is an assessment and an excellent starting point for those experimenting with the idea of working with a stylist.

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