Me, Myself, and My Style: Clear Mind, Clear Sense of Style

Ever look in the mirror and think to yourself, “Dammit, I’m an actual adult!” I do. All. The. Time.
Call me a late bloomer, but lately I have been having moment after moment that reminds me that I’m no longer a “carefree young person” – I’m a full blown adult. No one is coming to save me, mastering this life thing is totally on me.

As shitty as it feels sometimes, it’s been an incredible transformation. I’m becoming far less reckless with money, my clarity on who I am and what I want in life is almost 20/20, and with each day that passes, it’s becoming easier to put me first.

Of course with any transformation (at least this is how it goes down for me), there is a period pain before the pleasure comes. Truly knowing myself has meant ridding myself of the things that do not serve me. Since we’ve last chatted on the personal tip a lot has happened …

1.) At 35, another relationship down the drain – nice guy, wrong guy. Here is the thing about truly knowing yourself – you can’t fake it, you can’t make something work that doesn’t just because you really want it to. Accepting that my “life plan” isn’t going as planned has been tough, especially for a planner like me.

2.) I am in the middle of restructuring my styling business because while I love what I do, some aspects of my business weren’t supporting the life I want to live. So stay tuned for some new and exciting styling services – I am really excited about them even though it means working round-the-clock.

3.) I’ve also been forced to evaluate all of the relationships in my life (business, friendships, etc.) and figure out what’s working and not working for ME. It’s finally time to put me first because for years I’ve always been last on the list.

So what does this have to do with style? For me, everything.

What’s interesting is that my personal style is definitely reflecting this life shift. Clear mind, a clear sense of style. For the first time, I truly know the colors, silhouettes, and brands that work best for me – not in a technical sense but in a “this is what makes me look AND feel good” sort of way. Today I make far fewer “oops” purchases, and I truly love everything hanging in my closet.

Lauren Messiah

‘Clear Lauren’ loves denim, pointy toe pumps, killer hats, blazers, leather, neutral colors, and statement necklaces. ‘Unclear Lauren’ tries to make bold colors work, shows skin but then feels incredibly uncomfortable, is attracted to wild shoes but lets them collect dust in her closet, and shops to get a quick fix and then instantly regrets her purchases.

Just as I’ve had to do a little spring cleaning in my life (bye-bye boy, bad friends, and work habits that are making me insane), my closet underwent some spring cleaning as well. What’s left behind is a closet full of pieces that make me feel like me – the new me, the clear me.

How are clear are you in life and is your style reflecting this clarity? Sound off in the comments.

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