Client Makeover: Stuck Without Style

Can you imagine having impeccable taste but zero access to great clothing? I’ve often painted this horrendous scenario out in my head … I move into a cute little house in the middle of nowhere, and there is nowhere to shop! Sure, I’d have the internet, but that isn’t nearly as fun.

My latest client was living my worst nightmare. She moved from Los Angeles, CA to a lovely ski town in Colorado 10 years ago. Since then she’s been struggling to access great style.

lauren messiah personal stylist


My client was definitely in a style rut, but not by choice. She had previously worked with a stylist in her town. The issue was, there was only one store with great pieces to pull from. The result? Anyone with an ounce of style in this little ski town was rocking the same look. Not okay for a former LA woman with a killer sense of style.

She needed a jolt, a fresh perspective from a stylist who had access to the goods. That’s where I come in. We put some dates on the calendar, and she booked a flight out to see me.

The Consultation

All of my consultations happen virtually, because who has time to run around town (or in this case, hop on a plane) to meet in person for an hour? We got on a Skype and spent 45 minutes talking style – her goals, her preferences, and what would make this experience with me a total home run.

Her energy was great, and she was completely open to me “doing my thing.” I love it when that happens 🙂

Style Development

This particular client was basically my style soul sister. The second she said, “If I could wear head-to-toe leather every day I would.” Sing it, sister!

She wanted an edgy look, mostly neutral but with fun pops of color and loud prints.

Shaya Style

I started a group Pinterest board, and she didn’t have a shred of negative feedback, she loved it all. I took the best images from the board and created a mood board + her style roadmap (something all of my in-person clients get).


The shopping for this one was fun … Why? Because we have the same taste, and she wasn’t afraid to invest in her upgraded look. I also captured some BTS action from my shopping trip. Check it …

These are the places I hit for my client, who purchased my High/Low Mix package …

barneys leather jacket

Jacket from Barneys

rag and bone yellow sweater

Rag & Bone sweater from Barneys, leather leggings from Vince

The Fitting

The fitting is where the magic happens! The whole experience is ALL about the client. There are snacks, drinks, gift bags, music, and of course the clothes.

lauren messiah client fitting food

I created a little BTS video about the fitting and the wrap too, check it out …

The rack of hero looks …


Making those tough decisions … buy it all or stay within the budget.

lauren messiah fitting


At the end of the fitting, the client was SO happy! She looked beautiful in everything she chose. She left with so many unique pieces that she definitely won’t look like everyone else in her town. I am looking forward to working with her again.

Here a few of my favorite looks from the fitting (she bought all of these outfits plus a bunch more!)

bts stylist fitting

Rag & Bone sweater, Vince leather leggings, Alexander Wang shoes

bts stylist fitting

Current Elliot sweatshirt, Fallon necklace (at Barneys), Zara pants, Christian Louboutin floral pumps

bts stylist fitting

Draped sweater from Curve boutique, J Brand white jeans, IRO tank top, Alexander Wang shoes

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