My Secret Life As A Planner Nerd

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Have you ever nerded out on something so hard, that it’s borderline embarrassing? Well, at the beginning of 2016 I entered a new realm of nerd, and “joined” the planner community. But before I tell you about that, let me backtrack for a moment and give you some context for this nerdy obsession of mine.

I’m a hardcore Type-A introvert who seeks comfort in schedules and orderliness. My life is scheduled, and I like it that way. My work meetings, my meals, my free time – all mapped out and documented. That’s how I roll, son!

The problem with being so time-focused is that I seem to attract people who aren’t. My romantic relationships, friendships, family, and business relationships are filled with individuals who have no concept of time. I believe they call that balance or opposites attract, but I call it insanity.

Take yesterday, for example, I am in DC with my man for a week-long trip that is jam-packed with appointments. He is the “go with the flow” type, and I am, well, you know what I am.

Here is how our day was supposed to go: Wake up at 5am, LAX to IAD, land at 4:10 pm, stop to change, eat a snack, drive off to DC at 6:00, attend movie screening at 7:30, eat dinner at 9:00, go grocery shopping, and go to sleep.

Here is how the day actually went: Woke up at 5 am, LAX to IAD, landed at 4:30, drove to DC at 6:30, sat in traffic for an hour and a half due to an epic thunderstorm/tornado (yep, you read that correctly), arrived to the screening as the credits were rolling, attended a post-screening  panel until 9:30, networking until 11:00, ate dinner at 11:30 pm, went grocery shopping at 12:30 am, and finally went to sleep around 1:30 am.

What actually happened is my actual version of hell. My whole body fills with anxiety, and I want to explode when my schedule doesn’t go as planned. Is this something I need to loosen the reins on a bit, sure? Is it hard? Fuck yeah, it’s hard.

But let me be clear on this, I’ll never change my planner ways because dammit the world needs order!

Now, back to the planner community …

Back in January, I was shopping for a 2016 planner and quickly decided on the Day Designer because I used a version of their calendar (their Target collab) in 2015. After I hit order, I Googled “Day Designer review” and clicked on a video review of the very planned I had just ordered.

Little did I know, that video would take me down a rabbit hole and into this crazy world of planner nerds.

I watched video, after video – for HOURS. Two days later I had a collection of Washi tape, stickers, markers, pens, inserts, paper, oh and a SECOND planner. Yes, I have two planners – a Day Designer and a Chanel personal agenda. I vowed that I would never tell a soul about my obsession, but then I confessed to one of my besties. After she had finished laughing at me, she joined in on the planner fun too.

If you are a Type-A freak like I am, then maybe you’ll enjoy knowing how I plan my life. Let’s go inside my Chanel planner:

chanel planner inside

1.) My Habit Tracker: I keep a habit tracker so I can keep track of new habits that I am building for myself. Current habit: eating based on a paleo diet. I’m on week 6 of no sugar, grains, dairy, peanuts, and processed foods.

2.) My Calendar: I keep my hardcore calendar on my phone, BUT I have a monthly calendar in my planner for major events, birthdays, and trips.

3.) Work Meetings: I like to take handwritten notes during work meetings, that way I can’t get distracted by my phone or computer. I include who attended the meeting, the date, the topic, and the location.

4.) To Do: Any Type-A freak worth their salt keeps a to-do list. Nothing feels better than marking something off the old to-do list.

5.) Meals: Yep, this freak plans her meals too. I jot down all of the recipes I want to make, my grocery list, and a calendar of my meals for the week.

6.) Passwords: I never remember my passwords – so I keep those written down for all of the many sites I need a password for.

7.) Expenses: Perhaps the scariest of the tabs … I keep track of my credit card balances, bills, etc.

8.) Inspiration: Ideas, magazine tears, and anything that gets my mind going goes here.

So there you have it, my planner nerd confession and how I organize my life. How do you organize your life?


14 thoughts on “My Secret Life As A Planner Nerd”

  1. The color scheme of your planner is sophisticated, I like it. I’ve only seen the juvenile (though cute) ones. I like yours better! No wonder you have great abs, you plan, plan, plan. I haven’t had abs that flat since I was 7 years old, lucky lady!

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  3. Like you, I fell hard into the planner community this past January…. so hard that my primary job is now designing stickers for this very community (long story!!)!! My besties call it my nerd hobby, and refuse to buy planners, but i’ve made a ton of great friends from instagram in the planner world, and love it!!

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