Love & Style: How Much Input Does Your Man Have On Your Style?


A few weeks ago I was out shopping with my man, and I found myself asking his opinion on some pieces I was trying on. Nothing alarming, it’s kind of hard not to ask for an opinion if you are shopping with another person. To my surprise, he had a lot more of an opinion than the typical man-nod that I’m accustomed to.

I tried on a gorgeous backless Bottega Veneta white blazer and came out of the dressing room. He loved it! He went on to say how the cut was really flattering and that I’d get a lot of use of out it.

Why thank you, sir.

I appreciated the option and put the blazer in the “yes” pile. Wow, shopping with a dude isn’t so bad after all. Or so I thought.

Next up, a pair of Chanel boots. Black, great for every day wear, and in my opinion looked pretty darn good. Did I need them? Well of course not, I don’t need anything. His reaction? Lukewarm. He didn’t love them; he didn’t hate them. Fine, I can accept that reaction.058_Chanel_NWOB_1160_Black_Quilted_Leather_CC_Logo_Stacked_Heel_Ankle_Boots_SZ_35_1024x1024But here is where the trouble began …

I slipped on this gorgeous, albeit crazy, looking sweater. It was black and white, had these cray-cray fringe sleeves, and was basically just fun as fuck. His reaction? Not good. He was not a fan of my crazy sweater at all. I loved it. He hated it. What’s a girl to do?

As a “strong independent woman”, and I can’t believe that I am admitting this publicly, but I put the sweater back. Sure I replaced it with a Chanel jacket that was 3x the cost and was 10x more attractive but was that really why I put it back? Or did I let his opinion on a garment overshadow my own?

Later that evening we had an event to attend. I couldn’t decide between wearing tights or bare legs with my dress. I was leaning towards tights, and he was adamant on bare legs. Eventually, I caved and went with bare legs. Truth be told, it was the right call. I hate it when I’m not right.

lauren messiah lauren messiah

You see it with celebrities all the time, two people couple-up and suddenly their attire slowly starts to shift. Next thing you know, twinsies! Take Brad Pitt and every woman he’s ever dated or married as an example. If Brad can let a chick influence his style, what is so wrong with taking a little input from your partner?


Me being the classic over-thinker that I am, I had to break this down. Was I losing myself and my sense of style because of a man, or could this be a sign of a deeper connection forming with my guy? So many questions.

Here is how I see it, valuing the opinion of your partner is always a good thing. If I didn’t want his opinion and wasn’t willing to even consider it, then why would I ask? I asked because he is an important part of my life. I’m not dressing to please him or to keep him, I am dressing for me and my life – he so happens to be a part of it.

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Even looking back on past relationships I can see how I was influenced by my, for lack of a better term, “better half”. When I walk (or painfully crawl) down memory lane, I can see where I picked up little pieces of my personal style along the way. It’s almost like a life-long scavenger hunt, and each piece you find contributes to the whole. My last relationship contributed a certain edge to my style; this new relationship is adding a grown-up sophistication that I want and need.

How much does your man opinion contribute to your style? Spill it, I want to know.

2 thoughts on “Love & Style: How Much Input Does Your Man Have On Your Style?”

  1. It’s funny because my first reaction is to say “he has ZERO influence” but looking back that’s totally not true hahaha. I think that’s just what naturally happens and I point out all the time how couples start to look like each other. Nothing wrong with that unless your man is a tragic dresser and you start dressing more like him LOL.

    XO, loved this post!

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