Client Makeover: Little Miss Single

If you are subscribed to my newsletter or my YouTube channel, then you know what I just wrapped a makeover series with my client ‘Little Miss Single’. This is a powerful one, and I wanted to recap the whole thing right here on my blog. Check it.


I first met ‘Little Miss Single’ in Maui at a bachelorette party for one of my other clients (hello, job perk). She was full of great energy, funny, and kind. The only issue was, her personal style was not reflecting that at all. I remember one night we went out to dinner, and she wore workout clothes. I was like “so, umm … are you getting dressed?” Her hair and makeup were done, but the outfit was not a match.

A few months later she contacted me and said she was ready to change her style.

After her divorce, she starting kicking ass in her career (she’s dance teacher), got herself a cool place to live, and developed many close friendships. Still something was missing. ‘Little Miss Single’ was stuck in her pre-divorce style and was continuing to attract the wrong kind of men.

Untitled design

After our initial conversation about her need to work with me, it was quite clear that my ‘Get Your Sexy Back’ dating style package was exactly what she needed.




The next step in the process is to sit down with me for a more in-depth discussion. During my consultations, we dig in and get deep, talk about style, goals, and, of course, go through the details like sizes and measurements.

Here is a small sampling of my chat with ‘Little Miss Single’ …



I don’t go into all of my clients closets, but don’t you worry, I still get to figure out exactly what they have inside with a few special techniques. One being my Ultimate Wardrobe Checklist. This list helps me determine if you have the basics. If you don’t, then I know I have to work those items into the clients pull.

Additionally, I have my clients bring a suitcase full of clothing for their chosen style package. This allows me to see a sampling of what they own, and if any of the items are stylish, I can work them into their new look.



After we’ve talked (twice), I’ve reviewed the client’s wardrobe, and then I start on the style development process. I am all about collaboration, rather than slapping what I think my client should wear on their back. I utilize Pinterest to create a custom board for my client. I then invite them to this private board so they can add comments and feedback.

Once I’ve reviewed the feedback, I create what I call a Style Road Map for my client. This is a visual representation of what they might see at their fitting.

pinterst michelle



Houston, we have a vision! Once the Style Road Map is set that gives me the go ahead to go shopping. This particular client chose the ‘Babe on a Budget’ package for the clothing budget. Here is where I shopped for her:

– Target (you know I love those jeans)

– Last Call Neiman Marcus

– The Outnet

– Nordstrom Rack


– TJ Maxx

– Lane Bryant

– City Chic




The fitting is the big moment! This is where the outfits are set (I style them the night before), and the client arrives to try on and take home what she loves. I always make my fittings VIP experiences. That means snacks, tea, music, food, and FUN! This fitting was no exception, we had a blast!

Here are some of the winning outfits …


From left to right:

Outfit 1- ASOS Blazer, top Vince, ASOS jeans, Rebecca Minkoff shoes, necklace from Outnet

Outfit 2- ASOS jeans, necklace from Outnet, ASOS tee, sweater Neiman Marcus Last Call

Outfit 3- Tahari leather jacket, ASOS jeans, Eileen Fisher top, necklace from Outnet

Outfit 4- ASOS white blazer, top from Nordstrom Rack, ASOS jeans, Neiman Marcus Last Call necklace


From left to right:

Outfit 1- Vince top from Nordstrom Rack, sweater from TJ Maxx, Target jeans

Outfit 2- necklace from Neiman Marcus Last Call, ASOS jeans, Target top

Outfit 3- City Chic tench, Target necklace, ASOS pencil skirt, Spledid top from Nordstrom Rack, Rebecca Minkoff shoes

Outfit 4- ASOS blazer, Target shoes, Lane Bryant top, J Crew earrings from Outnet, Michael Kors clutch from TJ Maxx



As you can see from the videos, my clients was crying tears of joy from her makeover. I am pleased to report that she also took my advice, and got a hair and makeup upgrade!! How freaking chic does she look??!! Makes me SO happy, you have no idea.

Since our makeover ‘Little Miss Single’ has been dating non-losers and feels like a completely different person. Hooray.

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  1. I love love love you! I struggle finding things I love. I think that although I am plus sized now I wasn’t always and I think my mind still automatically goes for smaller sizes. Since I’m extremely top heavy, I struggle with that the most. But I love your posts and thanks for listing where the clothes are from. I guess I’m on the right track since I’ve heard or gone to most of those places to shop and I even own those target flats!

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