What To Wear On A “Netflix & Chill” Date

There comes a time in a woman’s life where she will be faced with this kind of date, the “Netflix & Chill” date. Don’t act surprised. This phenomenon may sound trendy and new, but think about it, your mom had the drive-in movie theater and after that came “let’s make it a Blockbuster night.” So just relax, because “Netflix & Chill” is perfectly normal and everybody does it – even your girl Lauren, whaaat???!!



Admittedly, there is a lot to think about on this sort of date. Mainly, how far are we taking this thing? To sex or not to sex that is the question. You will be faced with that question within the first hour of the date, so preparing yourself mentally is key.  Know there is no shame in having a good time – just stay safe and don’t do anything that will make you feel like garbage in the morning.

However before the sex comes the outfit.

So what do you wear on a Netflix & Chill date? Unlike my other dating posts, I’ll keep the details to myself but I will share with some tips on how to dress for your date.

Dress For The Couch


My first rule of thumb is dress like you’re watching a movie by yourself, but better. Do you Netflix binge in skinny jeans and a blouse? I didn’t think so. Wear sweats or something comfy but make it cute! Think sweat pants and cute tank. Maybe some little shorts and a slouchy sweater.


… But With a Sexy Twist


Alright, we are adults here and we know that most Netflix & Chill dates end in near or complete nudity. Keeping that mind, let’s get our lingerie game right. You may be rocking sweats on the top but that doesn’t mean you can’t sport La Perla underneath.

Get Your Beauty Game On Lock


Remember when I said dress like you are watching TV alone but better? Here is where the better comes in. Make sure you are groomed and beautified in a natural way. I’m talking clean hair lightly styled hair, natural makeup, and maybe run a razor across those legs for good measure.


So there you have it folks – guidelines for dressing for a Netflix & Chill date. Wear a condom!

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