Client Makeover: Desperately Seeking Style

It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of my client makeovers on the site, so let’s get back to it with the client I am calling ‘Desperately Seeking Style’. This one is extra special because it has videos!! Between those magical videos and this post that really dives deep into my styling process, you’ll get a taste of what it’s like to be styled by me.



I think this email from my client pretty much sums up her before better than anything I could write or better than any photo could illustrate …

hi lauren,

this morning when my husband and I were leaving for brunch he said “we have a few more minutes, are you sure you don’t want to change your outfit again?” he wasn’t joking. as I’m sure many women tell you, I have been feeling down about what clothes feel right on my body type (“everything would look great if I lost 10lbs!”) and find myself unable to put together something that makes me feel strong and confident as I go through the day… i downloaded your ebook this am but now I am wandering the Glendale galleria feeling down on my clothes and my body and realized that enough is enough — I need you in my life!

I am sure shannon told you,but I love with what you did for her and I would love more than anything if you could help me with my style!! I had been holding out bec we were in the midst of buying our house and I’ve been worried about money but I know the investment will be invaluable.

please let me know what would work best for you and any info/next steps/budget requirements etc. already feeling better for finally writing to you. hope you’re having a great weekend!




Step one in my styling process is sitting down either in-person, via skype, or on the phone so we can talk style. I need to know what makes you tick, what you like/ what you don’t like, and everything in between so I can properly develop your style.

Desperately Seeking Style’s consultation took place at her home. We sat down in her dining room and went through my questionnaire one question at a time. I really got to know her during step two, the Closet Consultation, (the closet always brings out the truth).



As I mentioned before, the closet always tells the truth! Once I see what you’re working with, then I can really get to you know better. Sometimes this process involves me going through your closet, sometimes we do it virtually, and often times this get to you know process happens through my signature 7-Day Selfie Challenge.

For this particular client we spent the day in her closet and we pretty much got rid of everything …

We got rid of so much stuff, it woudn’t even fit into one video.

I received this message from her via email right after our session: “btw, my closet is no joke. it’s empty. but in a good way. feeling very cleansed and ready. ”



When I style my clients I like to make the style development portion of the makeover as collaborative as possible. That is where my good buddy Pinterest comes in. I use Pinterest for every single one of my clients. I create a secret board with images I feel speak to their new style. My clients then add their own images and leave comments and feedback on all of the images.

My client took things to the next level and created her own star system to accompany her comments – take note Pinteret, I smell a new feature.

mary mood board mary mood board mary mood board mary mood board mary mood board

” I’m so amazed – you completely found the right vibe for me and i had no idea i even had a vibe!”



After the client signs off on my vision, then the shopping begins. This involves hitting stores in Los Angeles that fit with their new style and their budget. I also utilize online retailers like The Outnet, Shopbop, Yoox, and more.

For this particular job I shopped on, Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx, Intermix, and Zara.



The fitting takes place at my studio (it has since had a makeover since this fitting) or in special cases, at the client’s home. The fitting is where the magic happens. The client finally gets to try on all of the looks that I’ve styled for them. My fittings are like a big old party – snacks, music, and drinks (champagne or tea).

We had SO much fun at this fitting! As you’ll see in the video.

lauren messiah client fitting lauren messiah client fitting lauren messiah client fitting lauren messiah client fitting

Watch the magic here:



The magic always happens in the after when I see my clients out living (and loving) life in their new look.

This fitting happened about 6 months ago and I am happy to report that Desperately Seeking Style has kept up with her new look.

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